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A New Type of Plastic That can be Recycled Over and Over Again

Colorado: A once-in-a-lifetime plastic environment has become a lifeline for humans and animals around the world. But now a recyclable plastic has been developed that can be used to make high-quality products again.

Currently, the world produces 300 million tons of plastic annually, of which only 10% is being recycled. Such large quantities of plastic are either burned, dispersed in the atmosphere and mixed with land and water, or recycled into low-grade materials.

It should be noted that one of the main reasons for recycling such a small amount of plastic is that when plastic waste is recycled, its chemical composition weakens and so only low-grade items such as bins and chairs. Can be made.
Eugene Chen, a scientist at Colorado State University, and his colleagues have developed a type of plastic that can maintain its high quality even when recycled. While it can be recycled again and again to maintain its high quality. This material is called PBTL. This substance is made up of important chemical constituents called cyclic thiolactones. PBTL retains its strength, hardness, luster and durability after recovery. It turned out that the new plastic could now be used to make goods for packaging, sports, construction and other fields.

This material can be easily recycled at 100 degrees Celsius but requires a catalyst for 24 hours. This breaks down the plastic into its original and clean components and converts it back to PBTL.

However, it should be noted that if similar plastics are recycled, it is important that they do not include conventional types of plastics as this may affect the recovery process.

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