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Free Ways to Increase Visitor Traffic to Blog

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Visitor traffic, why is it important? The number of visitors coming to your blog determines your income generation. If you want to make more money, you have to bring more traffic to your blog that do action that generate you revenue.

However, the fact is that there are a lot of bloggers who write same topics as yours. Some of them post even higher quality content to compete online. Google might not give your blog a good ranking while it is probably attracted by other awesome articles.

Visitor TrafficFor this reason, if you are waiting for people to visit and read your articles, you might be wrong. You need to bring them to your blog. Of course, you need to go out and hunt visitors.

There are still great ways to build traffic to your website for free. Below I have selected 8 effective ways that boost your blog’s traffic.

1. Get Visitor Traffic by Social Network

I believe that everyone knows that the best way to promote things online is to use social network website like facebook, twitter, pinterest, google plus, and Linkedin. Another more completive method is to create your own page and group within these social networks.

If your articles are about professional content, Linkedin use are more interested in spending a click to read. However, avoid posting entertainment content or status this this professional network, or you will be criticized by public people.

2. Get Visitor Traffic by Sharing free e-book

If you have free e-books that you can give to other people, it is highly recommended to upload and share them on or There are many people around the world download free staff from these websites. By giving away free short e-book or power point slideshows, you can include your link to your blog. Then they will click on the link to visit your blog.

3. Get Visitor Traffic by New Articles

People want to see new things or ideas, so you should write new articles for your blog. By doing so, you keep existing visitors and gain more people. Let’s say you post new articles three times a week if you can manage to do it. If you are stuck in finding new ideas, you can take from other people’s articles and add yours so that you can create something new as planned.

4. Get Visitor Traffic by Blog Comment

When you visit other people’s popular blog or forum, spend a few minutes to comment on their articles by inserting your blog’s url. Then other people see your name and click on it, and are sent to your blog home page. Anyway, try to be the first one to comment on a popular article of other people so that your comment is on the top that people see the most often.

5. Get Visitor Traffic by Youtube Videos

When posting videos into your Youtube channel, you can include your blog’s url in each of video’s description. If you videos share the same niche as your blog’s content, you can place the url (or with logo) at a corner of videos’ surface so when people watching your videos, they see your blog address.

6. Get Visitor Traffic by Exchanging Links

Seek, make friends, and join blogger clubs in your countries. Blogger members are kind to share each other links as networking if you have related content with theirs. This way helps bloggers to share the same visitor traffic to each other. Alternatively, you can register and join blogger community or forum like ProBlogger, or CopyBlogger.

7. Get Visitor Traffic by Business Directory

Because business directory websites gain high ranking in search engines, you can submit your blog with enough information to their online directory. When people search things on google your key words, your blog links may come out among others. Some of smart business directory websites includes Yellowpage, Trivok, Greenpages, WhitePages, SuperPages.

These are the ways that I use to boost traffic on my blog. Of the methods are free and effective at the present time.

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