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How to Apply for Google Adsense

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Do you face challenge applying for Google Adsense approval?

Don’t be annoyed but consider what you can improve next.

The problem might be one of these:

  • You don’t post enough content or they are unacceptable.
  • Your website is under construction.
  • You’ve got poor design of your blog- it is difficult to navigate information.
  • No basic pages like privacy policy, about us or contact us page.
  • Your website does not comply with Google policies.

What to do to get approved fast?

Before submitting Adsense application to google, you should discuss 3 main things about your website: quality of content, format and structure, and visitor traffic.

1. Website’s purpose

As a publisher, your website should be the one that gives people a reason to visit. That means your website topic needs to be worth reading. Avoid too general topic.

In addition, you should add value to your website by including a few small things that other publishers have never written before. You give visitors something more than other people do.

2. Website’s Content

Because content is the king, so you need to serious with your articles. Here are some guidelines to follow when writing articles.

  • Quality content: the first thing you need to concern about is to write high quality content in English language. Use headings for titles and subtitles, so it is easy to read for human and google.
  • Uniqueness: You need to write articles by yourself or hire someone else to write them for you. If you want to include images in your articles, make sure that they are original photos you taken or designed.
  • Relevant content: Be stick to your website’s topic. You can relate your content properly from one page to another by using internal links.
  • Text and image: Google loves texts so all your articles should contain more texts than pictures. Use full sentences or paragraphs in posts and page. You articles should contain the maximum of 20% picture.
  • Content length: Before you submit adsense application, you should publish at least 5 to 7 pages and each them should consists of 500 words or more.
  • No plagiarism & illegal content: Don’t post content that you copy from other people or auto generating software. Google automatically rejects your application if your content are pornographic, pirated content, illegal items, drugs and so on.
  • No ads: Remove all of your existing advertisements by third parties before submitting the application.

3. Website’s Structure and Format

  • Simple template: Choose a standardized and basic theme that usually includes a top banner, top menu, right panel, and footer menu. Templates should be responsive so that you can get traffic from smart phone users and other devices.
  • Easy navigation: You can categorize your articles in different menu. If your content contain main topics and subtopics, it is good idea to consider dropdown menu navigation. Complicated structure makes visitors lost, leave, and never come back.
  • Breadscrum: It tells visitors where they are now on your website, so they are not lost browsing your website.
  • Basic pages: Those necessary pages include privacy policy, about us, and contact us pages. These pages tell google who are and the purpose of your website.
  • Fast loading: You should you images where necessary only because too many images or videos affect your website performance. Over loaded images leads to heavy loading.
  • Font family and size: professional font size are 12px and 14px, and its types should be Verdana, Serif, San Serif, Arial, Tahoma, and more. If you are a CMS user, you don’t have to be worried about choosing fonts.

4. Visitor Traffic

Google loves popular websites that generate high visitor traffic. However, you don’t need that mass traffic. Getting a minimum of 100 visitors per day coming to your website as regular basis is enough for adsense application. Traffic from everywhere are counted. But if your website can attract visitors from European countries like United States, Canada, or United Kingdom, you will get your account approved faster.

Note: Google hates websites that pay third parties to generate visitor traffic. Mostly they are rejected and penalized by google.

Ready to apply for Google Adsense?

If your website or blog has quality content, clear structure and format, and high traffic, you can apply for Adsense today! Sign up and follow its step-by-step instruction.

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