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How to Travel Solo According to an Adventurous Biker

Lessons from a female rider covering 135,000 kilometers on three continents.
Much of the infidelity before leaving the open road, left the comfort and the well-known. This uncertainty can come from a place you’ve never been before, maybe away from civilization, out of cell phone service, or solo travel – especially if you’re a woman.

I should have known, I have traveled almost 135,000 kilometers solo in the last five years on three continents. People ask me if I’m scared, no matter where I am or how safe the place is. While riding in Laos, a very peaceful country, an elderly grandmother told me that men could come to slip my neck and steal my motorcycle. I also have people in the US who say something similar, albeit a little less graphically. The general consensus is that I should not ride alone. Well, damn it, I said.

I want to ride alone when I want to. I’m glad I didn’t have to contact anyone to see if they wanted to embarrass him or stay here or take pictures, and I’m grateful for facing the toughest challenge. I’m not interested in following anyone, thanks.

I also discovered that you are more likely to meet interesting people and find yourself in incredible situations than if you were in a quiet couple or in your group.

I think it started when I was planning my first trip abroad. My friend plans to travel with full insurance. I am determined (I can say “stubborn”) and move on. I can’t stop traveling alone. In fact, I’ve never traveled with other people, I only ride a motorcycle during the day. I wonder what it will be like

Also, some of you may have benefited from driving safety tips over the years (and miles), so here it is:

Advance book
Book accommodation before arrival. This will give you guidance, so you will not have the moments that will catch your attention. (Or your motorbike) looking for hotels on foot or on foot. Whenever you can avoid the appearance of wandering and weak tourists, this is a good thing. As mentioned, confirm the address before setting it as sometimes it disappears. (I have some stories to avoid. But I’ll send it to you now.)

Booking ahead is not always possible, as in the remote mountains of Peru where you don’t know how long it will take to get from point A to point B, I find typing stressful. More in these situations because I think I will have to do it there because I have already paid for the hotel if I have a better time and not in a hurry. So as soon as I realized I stopped trying to make a press book, I wasn’t sure how far I could go every day. You can also write the name and address of the place you choose to go where you want to go if you go there and try to find a place in a nearby city, for example.
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