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Top Tips for Google Adsense

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After you get your Adsense account approved, the next thing to do is to starting earning. With google program, you earn when people click on your ads. Thus, your job is to attract and give your audience value browsing your website so that you earn more clicks.

With one Adsense account, you are allowed to apply ads into more than one website based on Google’s policy. So you can promote multiple websites to generate good income.

However, incorporating ads code into your website can be pros and cons. You will earn good income if you do it in the right ways. However, ads could be annoys people surfing your website if you they are not properly placed in.

So what’s the solution to earn and keep traffic for your blog website?

To increase your online revenue with google, I would like to provide you with some tips that increase your revenue with Google Adsense.

1. Place ads to the right positions

Where to put ads on a webpage gives tremendous impact on revenue generation. Place ads to where people often pay a first look when they come to your website, so the chance of getting clicks is high. There are some positions where you should consider when incorporate advertisement such as on top or header, below navigation bar, in left/right panel, and above the footer. Above-the-fold ads attracts much better clicks than below-the-fold ads.

2. Choose ads size

When you place ads into a webpage, the ads’ size should look fit in free space of your template. Too big or long ads may cover your content, which readers can’t see. The recommended alternatives are (336×280) Large Rectangle, (300×250) Medium Rectangle, and (160×600) Wide Skyscraper. Today’s theme needs you to create and implement responsive ads.

3. Use highly paid keywords

Adsense displays kinds of advertisements accordingly to keywords found on your pages. Let’s say if you content is about tourism sites, google will displays kinds of hotel or travel agents advertisement. There are certain types of keywords that pay big commission such as insurance, loan, mortgage, attorney, and so on.

4. Attract high paid traffic

I am not saying that local traffic in your country is not counted. Absolutely, clicks from all over the world pay you money. Anyway, if your content can generate visitors from European countries like U.S.A, the U.K, and Canada, you earn bigger income from their clicks. Why? Because purchasing power via the internet in these countries are higher than Asian countries. That’s why advertisers pay google more, and so does Google pay you.

5. Use both text and image ads

Either text or image ads generate profit, but people in general are more attracted to graphics because they are more visual. Because pictures speak louder than words, you will gain more chance to get clicks.

6. Use smart colors for ads

It is a matter of using colors on webpage. You should customize the look of advertisement by applying similar color to background of website. Color consistency gives your ads code a smart appearance on your webpage. Make sure that your Adsense will not hurt visitors’ eyes. People are more likely to spend a click as long as they don’t really know that is a real advertisement.

7. Limit ads units per page

Even there are many positions that are possible to place advertisement, the maximum is three units per page. Don’t put advertisements everywhere on a page because they make visitors annoyed. Plus, difficult to browse and find information on your pages. For me I recommend only two of ads unit per page.

8. Block low-pay advertisers

When your Adsense account, there is a black list option that you can block certain advertisers are not worth displaying their ads. When you are quite sure that any advertisers who pay too little per click, just block them. Another way is to block those advertisements that affect loading speed of your pages. This way you give chances to high paying advertisers, which increases revenue.

9. Keep yourself updated

This last tip sounds simple. You should be always up-to-date with policies and trend of Google Adsense. There are a lot of free Adsense tutorials by Google’s official website or other bloggers on the internet.

These are just some tips that work for me and many other Adsense fans. If you know other tips that boost your revenue, please share to me improve this article.

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