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What is Internet Marketing?

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Thinking of ways to make money online via internet?

You landed in the right place that guides you to generate good income. Many people earn insane amount of money online via the internet nowadays. But before you start it, you need to know what internet marketing is.

What is internet marketing?

Internet marketing, also known as online marketing, is the most current process to promote online business, sell products, or services on the internet. It aims to generate visitor traffic to land on advertisers’ websites and buy their products or services.

With the power of internet, it helps advertisers to connect millions of internet users from around the world. When there are high traffic, dinternet marketing bring their business to their target customers by saving advertising costs.

Forms of Internet marketing:

Usually, internet marketing can be divided into four main forms such as e-commerce, website marketing, email marketing, and social networking:

  1. E-commerce: it transforms the traditional way people buying product to online purchase. It allows worldwide customers to buy products directly from advertisers’ websites. This way is convenient for customers and save their time.
  2. Website marketing: it includes general informative websites presenting their products or services. As a third-party, affiliate marketers use their websites to bring traffic to someone else’s websites. Other ways to promote business by placing ads on search engines like Google, Bing and son on.
  3. Email marketing: advertisers give information over their business brand, products and services by sending mass email to inbox of target customers. Sending email is fast and cost-effective way inform existing and potential customers about new products.
  4. Social networking: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the modern and powerful social medias to promote and sell products online. People share their products to other internet users all around the world, or bring traffic to their websites.

Ways to make money with internet marketing

Well, now it is time to talk about how you can earn online income over the internet.

Here are 8 ways you can choose to make money online with internet marketing:

1. Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing become the most popular way to make insane amounts of money. Merchants pay you certain percentage of commission of sales you become affiliated with, which means you earn when visitor you bring to their websites buy their product.

2. Google Adsense

You integrate google’s ads on your webpage or article blog. When visitors click on that advertisement on your website, you earn online money from google according to numbers of clicks you got from different visitors. Read more

3. Youtube Videos

You create channel in Youtube website, and upload your original videos that generate a log of hits. When people click on ads displayed in Youtube website while watching your videos, you earn money from Youtube.

4. Taking Online Survey

With your personal computer or smart phone, you register free account and join online survey and you get paid. Some of popular to join online survey are Panda Research, InboxDollars, and Survey Downline and so on.

5. Product Reviews

This method is good way to make money online if you are a blogger. Getting high visitor traffic to your blog, you can write high quality of review articles on someone else’s products and you get paid.

6. Content Writing

If you are an expert in a field and have strong passion in writing, you can make income by selling your content writing. Many websites, blogs, online publications, and everything online pay for articles with high quality content.

7. Web Designer

Let’s say, you work with web designing company abroad from home. You use your technical skills to create website projects and get money from your online employers based on terms and agreement of the projects.

8. Sell your services

You sell everything in which you have expertise. The business can be online business consultation, technical support. If you are a blogging expert, why not create a blog consulting service and help other beginners?

These are just common eight ways that people use to earn online at the present day. If you have any better earning methods, please let me know.

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